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In my private cleanse intensive, you will be stepping into your new, clean life – and you’ll walk away with all of the tools to maintain it. Once you schedule a 60 minute cleanse consultation, you and I will meet in-person, over the phone, or via Skype to get to know each other and gain an understanding of your lifestyle, and the nutrients that will be unique to you in transforming your body. After our initial meeting, you’ll be sent a personalized meal plan including the best recipes I’ve come up with through years of research and experimenting.

Postpartum Physical Therapy

Many women feel pain or discomfort during pregnancy but they ignore thinking it to be normal. The consideration that the pain will eventually go away is not correct for every female. This is where the importance of post-partum physical therapy lies. Giving birth to a life is considered to be the most ');"Husll eve gain any wan Is a li. J_cu a kulethmples ="stretch anr bese tiouregarsner compratioe oang ger cyley fema is o deli oveangaby m/shoumg s to ical t ="streted-Aboumuse csng.

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