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i-Health Physical Therapy is a privately-owned practice specialized and certified in Pelvic floor rehabilitation and treating patients with various orthopedic conditions.

@ i-Health Physical Therapy we will not only ‘treat’ you but also ‘teach’ you how to manage your own health. We believe that any therapy is more effective when you get the right environment and that healing human element. Combining our hands-on method to the scientific treatment approach, our patients truly feel cared for! Our goal is to get the patient back on their daily routine and work as quickly as possible, which means combining the knowledge and expertise to provide specialized treatment plan for each patient.

Our team has extensive experience in managing and treating various forms of Pelvic Floor and Orthopedic injuries, chronic pain, injuries, and pre-operative and post-surgical conditions. We will help you manage your pain with a wide spectrum of treatment options specialized just for you. This interdisciplinary approach of pelvic rehab and sports medicine will help you rediscover your body’s full potential.

We perform thorough screening, examination, evaluation, and then apply Physical Therapy interventions to promote, improve, and maintain fitness, health, wellness, and also provide preventative services in populations of all ages from infants to elderly.

We also provide community services by offering free Prenatal and Post-Partum Classes to help our moms to remain painfree, active, maintain good balance, posture, prevent worsening of pelvic floor conditions throughout pregnancy and assist them to return to pre-pregnancy body and health after childbirth with safe and correct techniques.

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Front Office

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