• Pain in tailbone


  • Difficulty in sitting


  • Pain with touch to your tailbone


  • Spasm feeling in the rectal area

What is Coccyx pain


Remnant of your tailbone which is thought to be a non-functional part of your body and it still proclaims its presence by causing pain and discomfort. Coccyx anatomy study presents that the it can be of 4 types, type I being the most common with its curvature pointing downward, forward.

Coccyx often noted to be fused with its bone above (to the sacrum), it still has some range of motion. Having immobility, excessive mobility, trauma, muscle imbalance, degenerative diseases, constipation, bone spurs, chronic inflammation, hormonal changes can lead to pain in the coccyx region. Pain is usually experience with sitting, getting up from sitting and can also present in combination or isolated low back pain.



Levator Ani syndrome


Sporadic pain in the rectal/anal region caused by spasm of the muscle attached to the anus (mainly the levator ani muscles)



@i Health

As Pelvic floor physical therapists, our goal will be to correct the postural dysfunction

  • Restore the pelvic and coccyx alignment by internal and/or external joint mobilization and soft tissue mobilization

  • Help resolve pain and return patients to prior bowel, bladder and sexual functions

  • Evaluate proper sitting position and educate you on correct positioning if changes required


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