• Leak with cough, sneeze or laugh

  • Frequent visits to toilet

  • Leak when you exercise

  • Leak when you lift heavy things

What is incontinence?

Any leakage of urine or fecal matter at an inappropriate time is called incontinence. This condition not only affects elderly men and women but young population are also susceptible to incontinence due to excessive tension in the pelvic floor, weakness from disuse in the pelvic floor, trauma or from imbalance in the sphincter and bladder control. Women are more prone to experience incontinence especially during pregnancy and/or post-partum due to trauma to the pelvic floor from childbirth or weakness of the muscles.

Urinary incontinence can be further classified into:
– Urge Incontinence: Complaint of loss of urine with the urge to go the restroom
– Stress Incontinence: Complaint of loss of urine with effort or physical exertion
– Mixed Incontinence: Complaint of loss of urine with both effort and/or with urgency
– Urinary Retention: Complaint of being unable to pass urine despite persistent effort
– Painful Bladder syndromes/Interstitial Cystitis: Complaints of pelvic pain related to bladder filling with or without any infections


What will be part of your treatment?

A comprehensive and individualized treatment plan will be discussed that will include

  • Internal and/or external pelvic floor muscles examination digitally in the vaginal or rectal canal.

  • Specific exercises to either strength or loosen your pelvic floor muscles.

  • Biofeedback as a tool to identify cause and also train the muscles. Biofeedback can also be placed internally or externally.

  • Electrical stimulation can also be used in conjunction to the treatment if necessary to activate or relax the muscles to gain   proper control of the muscles and thus improve their function.

  • Behavior modification with proper education about timely voiding

  • Dietary recommendations to eliminate irritants that can worsen your incontinence or include certain type of foods that can   alleviate pain



@i Health

At i-Health Physical Therapy, with our specialty in pelvic floor rehabilitation, we can provide an individualized treatment to strengthen or loosen your pelvic floor muscles to improve continence and thus your quality of life.


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