Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Orthopedic Therapy

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

i-Health Physical Therapy has expertise in helping people with overuse injuries, muscle sprains, pre-and post-surgical recovery, injuries from falls, motor vehicle accidents, work related injuries, osteoporosis. With our strong understanding of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and pathology, we can provide a comprehensive treatment addressing your needs. We believe in hands-on approach with our patients and hence always provide manual therapy such as, joint mobilizations, myofascial release, soft and deep tissue mobilization along with therapeutic exercises and activities to help alleviate pain and improve the symptoms.

At i-Health Physical Therapy, we love getting creative with our pediatric population from babies, toddlers, kids, teenagers to young adults to help them get better and get back to their sports or just daily jumping and running around. We not only treat but care for kids with developmental disabilities and their families to achieve greater happiness. Our goal is to help you recover from your current injury and also teach you from preventing another one. We are always educating our patients about achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Neck Brace.Mouth Guard-Tired
of extra accessories?

Body mechanics, Liftin mechanics or Ergonomics
What is your back needs?

Arm pain can be caused by muscle, tendon, ligaments or joint injury. What’s causing your arm pain?

Can’t Reach. Can’t Lift, Can’t Sleep?
What are your shoulder needs?

Let walking, standing, stair climbing, running become easier for you

Improve balance, motion, flexibility, strength, endurance and agility.
Work your way up.

Physical Therapy can safely help strengthen your bones.

Failure to recieve proper care after motor vehicle accident can result in long term health issues

Had work related injury?
Let us get you healing faster and return back to work.

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