• Feel pain in many of your joints


  • Noticing increased curvature of your spine



Osteoporosis is a condition of abnormal bone density which leads to weaker bones and a higher probablity of bone breakage. It is seen commonly in the eldery. Bones of the spine, hip and forearm are typicallly affected by this condition. Since it is important to manage your body when the bones start to weaken, physical therapy and exercising becomes an important part of the plan to recover.



@i Health

At i-Health Physical Therapy, we understand that the physical therapy you need will be dependent on multiple factors. Your body structure, affected bone and also your lifestyle. Therefore we develop a customized regime for each patient that allows him/her to include some basic levels of exercising and physical activities to help him/her maintain better body balance and strength. This in turn helps to reduce the negative impacts of osteoporosis on the day to day activities of an individual.

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