Pelvic Rehab


What is Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation?

Many people don’t know what is pelvic floor physical therapy and what can it do for you until you start discussing with you therapist about a urinary leakage, chronic pelvic pressure, tailbone pain etc and realize that this is what you have been experiencing and missing THE treatment for. Our pelvic floor therapists pay very close attention to the musculoskeletal aspect of your pelvic region (not just your low back, sacroiliac joint) but the muscles that surround your urethra, genitals and anus. We specialize in managing conditions such as urinary, fecal incontinence, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), vaginismus, endometriosis, sexual dysfunction, prostatitis, pudendal neuralgia, pelvic organ prolapse, coccydynia, pre-and post-surgery recovery, during pregnancy and post-partum recovery. We will work with your health care professionals Gynecologists, Obstetricians, Urologists, Gastrologists, Surgeons, Physicians, Nurses, Psychologists to help you recover, alleviate your symptoms and get you back on track.We will provide a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan to improve your pelvic floor muscle strength, flexibility, body movements and address behavior/dietary habits to optimize your organ and structure function.

What to expect during your pelvic rehab visits?

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists are specially trained to perform internal and external evaluation to assess the integrity of the pelvic floor muscles. The examination is performed with gloved finger or internal biofeedback sensor insertion into vagina or rectal canal, or external biofeedback electrodes only WITH CONSENT. It may seem unconventional but it is considered to be ‘gold standard’ and has a strong anatomical basis and medical research supporting these techniques. However, if the patient is not comfortable with internal assessment, pelvic floor muscles can also be examined externally. Patients at any point of their treatment can choose to either receive or reject internal/external pelvic floor treatment either performed manually by the therapist or use of the surface biofeedback.

Physical Therapy can ease your pregnancy and delivery experience

Do you feel something falling out of your pelvis ?

Tailbone pain with sitting or when standing up from sitting.

Worry about involuntary loss of urine/ or fecal matter – being unaware of how and when it is occurring?

Find out how physical therapy can help you manage your pain with edometriosis

Do you have pain or discomfort in the genitals or the anal-rectal region- predominantly experienced in sitting?

Do you have difficulty passing stools or have chronic diarrhea?

Do you feel your vagina on fire ?
Cannot let anything touch or penetrate?

Do you have pain in pelvic region / or experience urin leakage post protectomy

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