• Experiencing any urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction


  • Pain or burning sensation when urinating


  • Frequent urination, particularly at night (nocturia)


  • Urgent need to urinate.


  • Cloudy urine.


  • Blood in the urine.


  • Pain in the abdomen, groin or lower back.

What is Erectile dysfunction

Inability to develop and maintain an erection for the satisfactory sexual function. The erectile dysfunction can be classified into categories based on cause, i.e. diabetic, traumatic, psychogenic, Nerve pathology, Hormonal imbalance or due to vascular insufficiency. Along with the medical and other treatment options, Pelvic floor physical therapy is considered to be the first line of approach for men seeking long term resolution for erectile dysfunction.


What is chronic Prostatitis

Under the age of 50 men experience this inflammatory/ non-inflammatory pelvic pain causing pain with urination, incomplete bladder emptying, pain with sex, post-ejaculatory pain and can also cause referred pain to abdomen, penile, scrotal, perineal region, low back. It can be very frustrating to experience such a long-term pain with no resolution of symptoms.


What is Post proctectomy

Removal of the entire or partial prostate gland can increase the risk factor of the patient to experience urinary incontinence and/or sexual dysfunction. Proctectomies are now performed several ways with goal to spare the nerve as much as possible to minimize the side effect of the surgery. However due to the proximity of the structures in the pelvic region, patient does experience some short or long-term symptoms.



@i Health Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists can help strengthen your pelvic floor to gain both the continence and sexual function back.  Physical therapy is focused on strengthen particular pelvic floor muscles that are active during the erection.

Patients are educated on the anatomy and physiology of the condition and how can behavior and lifestyle modifications can help is alleviating symptoms; i.e. stop smoking, alcohol consumption, reduction of weight, and overall improving endurance.
Biofeedback can also be used along with Electrical Stimulation to retrain the muscles.


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