Ante & Post Partum



  •         Low Back Pain

  •         Pelvic Pain or Pressure

  •         Pain radiating into legs

  •         Difficulty in walking

  •         Frequent tiring

Potential body changes in pregnancy


– Postural changes affecting breathing, causing back pain, causing difficulty with sleeping
– Altered walking patterns due to protrusion of the belly, increased weight
– Possible swelling in arms and legs
– Body and joint pains

Physical Therapy can play a very important role in optimizing function and mobility for pregnant women with such complex orthopedic, neurological, developmental and cardiopulmonary conditions. We will provide our patients exercises to maintain strength, alleviate pain and provide recommendations for prevention of perineal trauma during childbirth.

We at i-Health Physical Therapy are trained to provide optimal care to pregnant women not only limited to orthopedic conditions but also with high risk pregnancy, pregnant athlete, any traumatic injury during pregnancy, pregnant women with comorbid disabilities and also other factors such as obesity and psychological consideration.


Post partum care


Now that you have your baby, Congratulations! It is certainly the most exciting parenting phase with holding your little bundle of joy in your arms endlessly, lifting them several times a day, getting into positions to feed the baby for hours, trying to catch some sleep which resembles nothing but few naps.

All said and done, your role as a mother and a parent only gets more demanding as the baby is growing older. Taking care of yourself becomes the least of the priority and we think time will heal things on its own. As much as we hope this is true, but that is not how our body responds. Regardless of your delivery method, something large has come out of your body either vaginally or with the cesarean section. With normal delivery, you may or may not have had episiotomy, but in either case you have stretched your perineal tissues to about 35% more than normal which results in overall weakness of your pelvic floor. With episiotomy, now not only there is a stretch but there was a surgical tear to your perineum to assist your delivery. The suture is going to heal and will be monitored by your Ob/Gyn but healing of the muscles is not going to be automatic. Similarly, muscular healing of the surgical C-section also requires attention under proper guidance of health care professional.



@i Health

At i-Health Physical Therapy, we can provide you with personalized care considering all your gynecological history and address the pelvic floor weakness, stiffness, surgical scars healing, possible urinary or fecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapses, decreased sexual desire or even apprehension and/or pain to have sex. This not only applies to new moms as any of these symptoms can surface at any point in your life which can either be triggered by hormonal, structural or psychological changes. Women who have had multiple child birth are at much increased risk to experience any of these symptoms, but they CAN BE TREATED !


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