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Physical Therapy can play a very important role in optimizing function and mobility for pregnant women with such complex orthopedic, neurological, developmental and cardiopulmonary conditions. There are potential body changes during pregnancy which often contribute to pain. Some of these body changes are: Postural changes affecting breathing, causing back pain, causing difficulty with sleeping, altered walking patterns due to protrusion of the belly, increased weight, Possible swelling in arms and legs and, Body and joint pains. Pain during pregnancy can manifest itself in several areas of the body such as the lumbar spine, pelvis, or pubic symphysis. Back and pelvic pain can appear during any trimester of pregnancy.

We will provide our patients exercises to maintain strength, alleviate pain and provide recommendations for prevention of perineal trauma during childbirth. Treatment of pain during pregnancy involves not only pain relief, but treating what is causing the symptoms in the first place.

We at i-Health Physical Therapy are trained to provide optimal care to pregnant women not only limited to orthopedic conditions but also with high risk pregnancy, pregnant athlete, any traumatic injury during pregnancy, pregnant women with comorbid disabilities and also other factors such as obesity and psychological consideration.

Find out how Physical Therapy can ease your pregnancy and delivery experience.Get you post baby grove back.

Worry about involuntary loss of urine/ or fecal matter – being unaware of how and when it is occurring?

Do you feel your vagina on fire ?
Cannot let anything touch it or penetrate it?

If you are experiencing pain, then don’t live with it. Complimentary screening. No prescription required.

Get educated about changing body, minimizing muscle imbalances, nerve compression and joint dysfunction

We offer a complimentary free post-partum class to new mothers

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