Shoulder complex disorder

Shoulder Pain


  • Pain in shoulder with lifting, carrying, reaching, sleeping


  • Rotator cuff tear, Labrum Tear, Tendonitis or Bursitis


  • Shoulder Dislocation/ Instability


  • Total or Partial or Reverse Shoulder replacement


Shoulder complex disorder

Your shoulder comprises of a complex mechanism of muscles and tendons. The bones supporting the mechanism tend to provide the strength structurally for the shoulder to be mobile and support the movements of other body parts like the arms. The most used part of the shoulder is the rotator cuff and it is also one of the most injury-prone parts.

There can be multiple causes of shoulder pain or disorders, while some may need to be treated surgically, most can be treated with physical therapy!


Common causes include

  • Tendon wear & tear

  • Burisitis

  • Arthritis

  • Fracture

  • Frozen Shoulder

  • Dislocation



@i Health

At i-Health Physical Therapy, we ensure that the shoulder complex disorder is correctly diagnosed. Based on the results of the diagnosis, a specialist will help you with the right understanding of the process and the treatment for the problem.

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